gusto payroll reviews

The software can handle employees and contractors, multiple rates of pay, and payments in multiple states. And it will automatically take care of the paying and filing of local, state, and federal taxes too. It’s a comprehensive approach that sees Gusto rank among the best payroll software providers on the market. And gusto payroll login in this Gusto review, we help you decide whether it would be right for your business as we examine its pricing, features, support, and ease of use. Setting up was easy but I received several notices from the IRS regarding under payments after properly entering all previous payroll liability information into Gusto.

gusto payroll reviews

It is very well designed and you can assess the platform on any browser as well as on mobile applications. The dashboard is neatly displayed including your to-do items.

So Easy To Manage Payroll!

Once you’ve entered all the pertinent information – pay rate, hours worked, deductions, etc. – into the software, the system automatically calculates the payroll. Each pay period, the only new information it typically needs is how many hours each employee worked and any bonuses or commissions earned. The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters. Though the cost is initially within reach of very small businesses, the fee structure can become rather expensive for businesses with more than 20 employees. If your business runs the same payroll with little change each pay period, AutoPilot is for you. AutoPilot lets you run payroll automatically at designated intervals without any action required from you.

gusto payroll reviews

You can open a huge, all-encompassing table of that payroll run’s data, which you can view on the screen and download as a CSV or PDF file. This is the best payroll preview page I’ve seen among the sites I’ve reviewed. Gusto offers standard retirement plans as well as medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability coverage. But the site goes beyond that, covering commuter benefits, charity matching, gym membership, and more.

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Unfortunately, there is no effective scheduling tool , which forces me to go to another software provider for employee scheduling. Ideally, both scheduling and payroll could be done through the same web based software. This would also make it easier to compare scheduled vs. actually worked hours. Employees are able to punch in and out using anything with an internet connection. Additionally, you can turn on Geolocation so that you can ensure the employee is actually on-site when they punch in & out. Best yet, they can actually leave notes in regards to what tasks were completed for the day.

  • To sweeten the pot further, Gusto makes this service available at even their lowest price tier.
  • If you’re pressed for time, you can save mid-payroll and return to your data later.
  • Rippling does the best job of importing historical data from specific competitors.
  • That said, Gusto recommends transitioning at the end of the year because, that way, you don’t have to move any historical payroll data.
  • Gusto allows small businesses to offer affordable health care and financial benefits to their employees.
  • It’s a solid payroll management solution that offers more than just the basics at relatively affordable prices.
  • For busy, compliance-minded businesses committed to their employees.

Gusto is a full-service payroll software solution that allows you to manage all the parts of your payroll service, including payroll tax management and employee forms. Gusto offers three main tiers of service, a litany of integrations, and plenty of premium add-on options to customize your payroll and HR experience. The payroll processing software does scale well with small businesses, adding just $4 for each new user. Onpay includes automatic payroll, unlimited pay runs, and free tax document processing just like Gusto does. It doesn’t have any built-in time tracking but does come with some basic HR tools.

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Unlike RUN or Gusto, Paychex Flex doesn’t offer packages or add-ons for benefits administration. Gusto automates a lot of work you’d typically pay folks in HR and accounting to do manually. If you run a large enough operation that you have full-time HR and accounting employees running payroll reports and filing tax forms, Gusto’s services and cost would be redundant. Smaller teams can get away with Gusto’s Core plan since it comes with full-service payroll for all 50 states.

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Employee Classifications

The Gusto time tracking tool automatically adds hours completed . Or, if you already use a time tracking service, you can sync that with Gusto’s payroll feature.

Gusto gives your employees the ability to manage many tasks themselves, through their own Gusto employee portal and the Gusto Wallet app. Employees can complete onboarding paperwork, select benefits and access pay stubs and other records through the portal on their own. Designed for small businesses, this cloud-based, all-in-one platform can be accessed from virtually anywhere through a web browser. Gusto, formerly ZenPayroll, doesn’t lock you into a contract, and if you need new features or aren’t using others, it’s easy to change your plan. In addition to smooth integration, your Gusto account could get you discounts on some popular apps.

Gusto Categories On Softwaresuggest

You can add salaried and an hourly employee as well as contractors to Gusto’s payroll functionality. Along with these three basic Gusto payroll packages, Gusto also offers add-ons that you can pay for “a la carte” to attach to the Gusto plan you ended up choosing. It provides a lot of options but then fails when it comes to supporting those same options. Gusto Contractor – This retails at $6 per month per contractor. You still have the payroll function and there is no base price, unlike practically all competitors. Many of the financing establishments featured here are from our partners who compensate us for featuring their company on our site. This may affect which financing companies we write about and where the company may appear on our page.

gusto payroll reviews

Gusto is payroll software that covers everything a business needs to maintain a happy workforce. This includes organizing payments, insurance, support, and initial onboarding. Gusto is perfect for businesses looking for a smooth and effortless payroll. It also provides a great way to manage HR at a really affordable rate and it has integrated a lot of new tools with regard to onboarding and recruitment.

Running employee payroll through Gusto is simple and flexible to your company’s needs. You can set a salary or hourly wage in an employee’s profile and set up payroll on autopilot to let Gusto run payroll for you automatically on the schedule you set.

  • Job & Pay displays employment details like status, compensation, payment methods, and taxes.
  • Additionally, you can turn on Geolocation so that you can ensure the employee is actually on-site when they punch in & out.
  • Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.
  • To test its level of service, we contacted the company by phone and live chat numerous times, posing as a small business owner interested in the payroll software.
  • After hours of in-depth research and evaluation, we can confidently recommend this brand to our readers.
  • This is a tremendous service, since calculating and tracking payroll taxes can easily result in errors.

Like ADP RUN, Paychex Flex is the small-business version of Paychex’s payroll platform. It serves small businesses with less than 50 employees and provides simplified payroll processing.

Great People, High Stress And Low Salary

It accounts for all app reviews but prioritizes the most recent ones. Although I was a temporary Contract employee I felt very welcomed and appreciated during my time.

Included Features

Gusto is a great service to utilize for navigating employee benefits. Gusto’s full list of included and add-on features is too extensive to list here, but we encourage you to check it out on their pricing page. The initial setup process is easy thanks to Gusto’s nine-step wizard tool. Catch abnormalities and keep your teams accountable with Divvy’s reporting tools.

I would highly recommend Gusto to any small business trying to manage their staff. Onboarding is a breeze and gets the employees involved in their own financial matters. Even the least tech savvy person should be easily capable of following the necessary steps to be hired, paid, etc. Gusto was designed and engineered to make payroll, benefits, and HR easier for small and medium sized businesses. In all honesty, Gusto is hands down my favorite app I’ve used for work or to see work related things. Instead of having to look at the bulletin board or white board for your hours and bother your boss for your check, everything is practically there in a push of the button. I also like that I can request and see my time off from the app and see all my paystubs as well.

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